kvCore Launch Service

Deal Extended Through April 15!

Price to go up to $279 with a refreshed packages, starting April 15, 2021.

Be sure to take advantage of the lower price point by midnight, April 14, 2021.

Presto! kvCore Setup Package


(reg $349)

To help you get the most out of your kvCore Set Up, save you money & save time, I’ve combined my presto package to include:

  • Done-for-you website set up
    • Custom edit of website set up to optimize for functionality
    • Template update with custom background photos & accent color
    • Update website title to & meta-title to reflect the areas you serve
    • Agent profile, bio & signature completion & enhancement
    • MLS ID, NRDS ID, contact info & social media links added
    • Up to 20 SEO service areas + key words added
    • Home valuation, open house widgets & property widgets added
    • Agent careers link installed
    • Custom Page Added linking to your Utility Connect website (or another link)
    • Two blog posts added – one for buyers & the other for sellers
    • Support tickets created for identified problems
    • Complete reference guide to your setup
  • Done-for-you lead-generating link creation
    • 4 multi-property squeeze page links
    • 3 single-property squeeze page links
    • 3 market report squeeze page links
    • 2 seller squeeze page links
    • 1 call capture code
  • Done-for you drip campaign installation
    • Modified seller & buyer campaigns installed & activated
    • Custom Facebook Buyer campaign installed & activated
    • Custom Seller Share campaign installed & activated
    • Modified Sphere campaign installed & activated
    • Custom Agent Attraction campaign installed & activated
    • Open House & Closed Client campaigns installed & activated
  • On-Demand Video Training & LIVE Coaching
    • Free enrollment in The Sylvia System – Sylvia’s kvCore school platform
    • Explanation of your kvCore set up & how to use it
    • Learn to leverage kvCore tools for lead generation
    • Introduction to managing leads using the Smart CRM
    • Demonstration of how to customize & trigger a campaign
    • Invitation to LIVE Q & A Zoom sessions with Sylvia (you can attend as many as you want)

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Why kvCore?

Why Presto! kvCore Setup Service?

Check out my interview with Traci Lewis & Presto! customer Leslie Mosely about why you should be using kvCore and how my kvCore setup service will help your business!

Let Me Answer More Questions About the Setup

5 Answers to Your Questions About Your kvCore Set Up

  1. When will my set up be complete?
  2. How will I know when my set up is complete?
  3. What is the set up template?
  4. How will I learn how to use my set up?
  5. How will I ask questions about my set up?

5 Things to Know As You’re Getting Started with kvCore

  1. About having more than one MLS
  2. About working with teams
  3. About your branding & domain
  4. About setting up your social media
  5. About the Smart Number

Add-on Options

Custom Widgets – $99

  • Four custom widgets added to the main page of kvCore website
    • Widget links to your content of choice, i.e intro video, custom page, area search/squeeze page, another website, etc.
    • Up to four widget photos of your choice
    • Enrollment in Sylvia’s kvCore on-demand training.
    • See the example below.

Custom Newsletter Template – $99

  • Custom kvCore email newsletter template
    • Can be used for your periodic mass email campaigns
    • Includes up to 5 squeeze pages links to drive your database to your website
    • Includes custom email banner, agent signature & contact info
    • Short video training provided about how to use the email template & schedule mass email
    • Enrollment in Sylvia’s on-demand training.
    • See the newsletter template example below.

Campaign Plus – $99

  • 8 Custom Campaigns (in addition to the 9 you get with the basic Presto! kvCore Setup)
    • FSBO Text Campaign
    • Expired Seller Campaign
    • Home Buyer Credit Education Campaign
    • Engaging Seller Campaign (Alternate to Default Seller Campaign)
    • eXpress Offers Seller Campaign
    • Three additional seller campaigns geared towards seller leads from Facebook, Nextdoor & Google.

Additional MLS Templated Website – $99

  • If are in more than one MLS, you might have ordered an additional templated website with kvCore. If so, we will set up the additional kvCore website you have associated with your kvCore account.

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