Cost of Living in Belding, Michigan

If you’re thinking about moving to Belding, Michigan, you’ll want to learn a few things about the city, especially the cost of living. Housing, food, transportation, and other expenses are affordable compared to most parts of Michigan so let’s get into the details.

Low Cost of Housing

The cost of living in Belding is lower than the national average. This is due in part to the low cost of housing. The median home price in Belding is just over $175,700, which is much lower than the Michigan state average of $207,800. Rent prices are also relatively low, with a two-bedroom apartment averaging just $775 per month.

Healthcare is Affordable

The cost of health is at 85 compared to Michigan’s 86. You can get quality health care in Belding without spending a fortune. The average cost of a dental visit is $381.

Transportation Costs are Reasonable

The cost of transportation in Belding is higher than the national average by 2.6 but still very affordable compared to the rest of Michigan, which is at 115.1. A gallon of gas costs an average of $3.91, and a daily bus pass will set you back just $2.50.

Utilities are Cheap

The cost of utilities in Belding is fair at 103.7 against 101 for Michigan and 100 nationally. This includes electricity, water, trash, and sewer. This is a bit high, but you can expect a generally better living here when you couple it with the other factors above.

Are You Planning on Relocating to Belding, Michigan?

Overall, the cost of living in Belding is quite affordable. If you’re looking to buy a home in Belding, Michigan, you’ll find very affordable homes here. If you need help with finding a home, reach out to Sylvia Dana – Realtor. We’ll love to hear your housing requirements and would be happy to work with you to find the perfect home. Call us today at (616) 570-8864.

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