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My eXp Realty Journey

Imagine getting a direct deposit every month in an amount that covered all your essential living expenses — and the income wasn’t related to your own transactions; it just….showed up in your account.

How would you feel?

Imagine waking up one day and you had $120K in stock — you didn’t even realize you owned — and you could take out up to $80K cash to help you purchase a home, and compete in this sellers’ market.

How would that change your life?

Imagine making hundreds of new best friends all over the world – enjoying international synergy & collaboration.

I don’t have to imagine these things, they’ve happened to me — only because of eXp Realty. And I’m grateful every day.

If you are an agent, associate broker, team leader, independent broker-owner — or just getting your license — please ask me about eXp Realty.

When I learned about eXp Realty, I saw the potential and I knew it would change my life forever.

I was the first eXp agent in my association — Greater Regional Alliance of Realtors — back in August of 2017.

Everyone thought I was nuts, especially since I had only been an agent for less than 8 months and had sold a grand total of 7 homes.

At that time, there were only 57 agents in Michigan and just 3900 agents altogether. Our stock was about $3 a share, and nobody had ever heard of eXp Realty. We were in 43 states and only two Canadian provinces.

Now, there are more than 60K+ eXp Realty agents in every state and province the US and Canada, as well as 16 other countries, including the UK, Mexico, Australia, France & India.

Since January 2020, I’ve been one of 12 agents serving on the Agent Advisory Council at eXp.

My mission, as an agent owner, is to take advantage of the awesome collaboration and synergy we can have with our model! And I’m actively seeking out agents who would like to partner with me.


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Before eXp

I was with a big brokerage and was convinced the brand was superior to others. Another realtor friend of mine told me she was thinking about switching to eXp. I had never heard of it, but because she is the type of person I enjoyed working with, I told her I might look at down the road. My broker manager, at the time, had been supportive and I felt a sense of loyalty.

But the hard truth was, my bank account was empty. I had sold 7 homes my first four months, but I was broke. I paid high desk, a huge commission split and never-ending franchise fees. The stress of not being able to make ends meet scared me. I stopped selling. I felt like I was drowning.

I was dissatisfied with the culture of my office. I attempted to inspire fresh energy among my peers, but I failed to cultivate the kind of competition and collaboration I felt I needed to push me.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone at my previous broker office were salt-of-the-earth kind of people. There were a few top agents doing an incredible amount of production on their own — but as islands unto themselves. And I didn’t see an exit strategy for them. I saw continuous grind.

I desired to feel a part of something exciting, something explosive, something exponential. And I saw that possibility with eXp.

But it wasn’t until I did the math that I realized I had to make the switch to eXp. If I would have been with eXp instead of my former broker, I would have taken home $10,572 more home during my first 4 months in the business. I can’t tell you how much having that extra money would have saved me and my family a lot of unnecessary turmoil.

As a new agent, who started her real estate career later in life, I didn’t feel I had any more time to waste. I needed to invest my time in a company I could get excited about, working with colleagues who would inspire me to do all I’m capable of doing — and I wanted more opportunity to create wealth and enjoy the kind of lifestyle I desired.

As an eXp agent, I’m a part of a next-level, cutting-edge real estate company. I own my brand and I get a piece of the pie. I get to work with other like-minded agents — locally, continentally and globally — who are ambitious and entrepreneurial.

Agent ownership and revenue sharing means true team work. The more we help each other, the better the company does and the better we all do! This is the kind of synergy and compensation I was looking for in my real estate business.

I’m beyond grateful to have been introduced to eXp. And I’m also grateful to myself for having taken what looked like a risk to others.

I didn’t see eXp Realty as a risk. I saw it as a life-boat — that would inevitably turn into a yacht.

I was right.

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Sylvia Dana

Sylvia Dana

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